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Just poppin in to ramble

I decided to check back in and while it looks like we have less anti-kin nonsense it looks like irls have picked up recently, which near as I can tell is just kin but for people who have bastardized the definition of kin so much they had to make a new term.

A couple of things are funny about this term though, notably:

1) it's literally just remaking all the toxic parts about 2015 tumblrkin, right down to the attacking doubles, which is hilarious because these were the same people who were like "I don't care about doubles unlike those serious kin".

I wonder if they're getting a taste of the "you can't be x outside your ability/race/gender" discourse caused by a person faking their race that the whole "kin is for fun" rhetoric stemmed from.

2) what they did to kin is 100% going to happen to this term if not is already happening, it was originally meant to be an alternative to delusional attachment and people are already using it to mean "I am this character irl" with nothing else,

like yeah it sucks to loose access to a term but at least it's not a 60 year old subculture where for like a solid year you couldn't express the non-bastardized version of that identity without someone armchair diagnosing you as having delusions

And I don't give enough of a shit about teenagers and Spacehey has skewed too young for my liking hence why I haven't been active, but god I want to see where this goes

(Btw there's a term that's like Endel I think which is an alternative for DA as a delusion-based identity)

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✧ ┊ rayman

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honestly, i cant support IRLs/DAs, i used to say i was/had one, and i was in the communities when i was younger, I personally was just kin but mislabeled. a lot of their identities i dont feel like were rooted in delusion, they never seemed to speak of experiencing other types of delusions or hallucinations. it all seemed to just be related to their identity as a fictional character. thats fine and all, but dont say youre delusional if you arent really delusional. i hate to sound like i could be denying the chance that yeah, maybe these people really are delusional but only have one type of delusion with no other signs of psychosis! but it just seems too outrageous to me.

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and also i feel like these communities would actually be really unhelpful for people actually experiencing delusions, they all seem to reinforce these peoples beliefs thatthey are in fact actually the character.

they all seem to be having fun with their identities too, delusions are fucking horrifying to go through. you are always doubting yourself and your reality, you dont know who to believe on what.

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