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i'm logging out for now, kinda gotten bored of this website, bye!

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who wants to play roblox with me 😞

Category: Games

WHAT WE CAN PLAY: Bloxburg Epic Mini Games Royale High Pizza Place ANY GAME U WANT! :D my user:  ToriXD3245 no  people  over 16  please! :( no mean people  (a friendly jab is fine once in a while, but when it becomes full-on bullying i'm gonna go BYE-BYE!) no weird talk » Continue Reading

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The Jiggle Jiggle Skin (Lyrics)

Category: Religion and Philosophy

*No Surprises by Radiohead playing* The Jiggle Jiggle skin! WHAT IS THE JIGGLE JIGGLE SKIN!? Glizzy :) THAT'S IT, NOW YOU'RE NOT GETTING IT FOR THAT. GIVE ME IT NO- I'M NOT GIVING IT TO YOU FOR THAT!!! Oh you're gonna make me scream loud as fuck, boi. Yeah, I guess I am. DO IT. Grrr.. Get louder cause I'm not giving it to yo- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! (A heart that's...) GIVE I... » Continue Reading

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i need new music to listen to :/

Category: Music

i'm into 80's, 90's and like, early 2000's shit. i'm really into the beatles (i know i'm basic, don't judge me) but i mostly listen to their later stuff. i like psychedelic rock. i like a bit of alternative rock sprinkled in. alt rock is one thing that i'm tryna get into. i love gorillaz, so similar bands like them would be great. so basically i need bands that are along the lines of måneskin and ... » Continue Reading

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what i think the next peepaw willy redesign will be (fnaf)

Category: Games

it'll just be his corpse. he wouldn't even have a fraction of his suit. he'd just be a walking corpse one fart away from turning to dust. or, better yet, he would just be dust. either way, he'll still have simps. 😞 don't get me wrong, i love springtrap. he's my favorite fnaf character. but OH MY GOD he has some MIGHTY plot armour. he should've died and went to hell after fnaf 6, tbh. » Continue Reading

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