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i need new music to listen to :/

i'm into 80's, 90's and like, early 2000's shit. i'm really into the beatles (i know i'm basic, don't judge me) but i mostly listen to their later stuff. i like psychedelic rock. i like a bit of alternative rock sprinkled in. alt rock is one thing that i'm tryna get into. i love gorillaz, so similar bands like them would be great. so basically i need bands that are along the lines of måneskin and stuff like that. and maybe 60's bands that are like the beatles. 80's rock bands and 90's alt or grunge bands would be great too. i just need new music, so leave suggestions in the comments. i'll take anything.

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ru may🌷

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as a genre you might like shoegaze (this is super broad sorry) but i can recommend you the album souvlaki by slowdive!! also if you wanna get into 90s rock then try the smashing pumpkins, i love them

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There's a brazilian band called Pullovers, they made some pretty good bangers
IMO this is one of my favorites:

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look at my Blog post about the music on my Ipod, there I have a list of songs. Maybe you'll find one you like. They're all before 2010, except for 1-

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What do you think of music in Spanish? I'm from Argentina and I think I can give you some suggestions from what I hear from here ⁠★

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ooo! i think that would be interesting

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maybe you might like something by Charly García, I really like the album vida from when he was in Sui generis, although I don't know how much you like it, it's acoustic and very quiet. Then I can suggest Soda Stereo, perhaps Fito Paez, and the Pocketpop album by María Gabriela Epumer. then we have Eruca Sativa that has a louder wave but without quite being metal, pescado rabioso de Spinetta has a blues or jazz vibe, it has very good songs, It's one of my favorite bands. another one of my bands favorites is Mujer Cebra This one is more current but it has that style, I don't know if you'll like my recommendations or if, being in another language, you can't understand the lyrics and they don't reach you, but I hope it helps you.

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