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nobody look at my profile i made it to 69

Category: Blogging

jk u can keep looking, gotta get to 420 somehow » Continue Reading

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i need to get back to uni or i will go mad

Category: School, College, University

I needed this semester to deal with family stuff, but I absolutely cannot wait to go back to uni in the spring. Might have to do all online classes, if stuff gets complicated, but my joy will be unparalleled. My friends are there, my passions are there. I miss my irl buddies so much, man. » Continue Reading

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cult of the lamb is so good

Category: Games

i haven't really 'devoured' a game before, where you play it and only it for a week straight and beat it. i absolutely love cult of the lamb and i think it may be GOTY, once the bugs are patched for non-PC versions. the music slaps, the art is beautiful, and the characters fit neatly in the creepy-cute aesthetic. also this lamb is gender. look at them. » Continue Reading

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last day of work

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

last day of work before i go to seasonal again! super excited! my birthday is tomorrow so that's also pretty radical » Continue Reading

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