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I'm a girly girl .。*♡

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omgg i grew up so much !! hello i'm back

Category: Blogging

            i feel less imature, but still don't feel mature at all lol        idk it is kinda weird but seems like i have become even more imature but at the same time i got rid of so many shit i was into last year, and i know that's natural, growing up and all (specially at my age, 15), but all i can say is that i'm SORRY for all the creepy, crapy shit i've done               u » Continue Reading

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✧super !!!~~✧

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

                    The day i have a *Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Phone* it's gon' be OVER for you h oes  ~✧ » Continue Reading

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~~i'm so into crochet !!~~

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

                       i've been really into handmade things these days,                  and my newest obsession is....   crochet ! i'm really putting my efford into learning now, and here are a few things i that inspire me. basically, i want to do frog hats for me and my partner, we'll look so cute togheter !!1 ^_^   » Continue Reading

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✧♡✧♡.~heart shaped things~.♡✧♡✧

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

                    ♡♡♡ i love heart shaped things, absolutely classy ♡♡♡ » Continue Reading

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✿ fashion's my middle name ✿

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

                                ✿~♡✧ a ll the things that inspire me a lot ✧♡~✿               first, this is all about internet and the pictures i spend the whole day looking for instead of paying attention in online class. and yeah, i love everything about teenage - dressing fun, singing hyper pop in my bedroom while getting ready to go out with my partner, there's something about "superficial" t... » Continue Reading

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