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omgg i grew up so much !! hello i'm back

            i feel less imature, but still don't feel mature at all lol

       idk it is kinda weird but seems like i have become even more imature but at the same time i got rid of so many shit i was into last year, and i know that's natural, growing up and all (specially at my age, 15), but all i can say is that i'm SORRY for all the creepy, crapy shit i've done
       u know, now that some good time has passed since the last time i opened my first attempt to blog i kinda feel more free now, i kinda don't care if anyone is gonna read, if anyone is going to like anything i ever post, anything i ever "produce" as an artist or simply as human.
              LMAO so that's the feeling i was craving?? i like it

also, if there's any imperfections on my english or my speech, my bad, english's not my first language ~~~

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