✿ fashion's my middle name ✿

                                ✿~♡✧all the things that inspire me a lot✧♡~✿

              first, this is all about internet and the pictures i spend the whole day looking for instead of paying attention in online class. and yeah, i love everything about teenage - dressing fun, singing hyper pop in my bedroom while getting ready to go out with my partner, there's something about "superficial" to me that's appealing.

                  that early 2000s girly girl __
  • flip phones decorated with stickers --- i just think they look cool, i'm really craving one rn
  • giant mirrored sunglasses --- i love those, so -so tacky, love 'em
  • low rise jeans --- just my favorite thing ever, so bold and so 'young' looking
  • long nails, decorated --- my absolute goals in this moment
  • superficial friendships --- always keep hot people around you, makes you look hotter (and popular)
  • juicy couture - put exaggerated logos all over your body and room, makes you look cool
                 coquette - dollete (lana del rey inspired) __
  • lots of delicate dresses --- flowers and hearts patterns
  • 'mary jane' shoes --- a classic, and absolutely looks so cute
  • red nails --- always a go-to, classy and kinda elegant
  • long natural hair --- of course you're the one to control your hair, but letting it pass your shoulders is a strattegy that makes you look 'naturally beautyful'
  • heart shaped glasses --- put them on, 'cause we're gonna take a ride to the cinema (we're watching twillight btw)
           ✧✧✧  extra hint: wear lots of pink, it's the hottest color anyone could wear ✧✧✧

                       soooo.... these are the styles i'm into in the excact moment i'm writing this. i just want to remind you that each one of the styles i wear involve a certain way to act/feel, so if you change mood at the exact moment you change clothing that'a absolutely fine. also, do not hate the way other people dress, whatever they are wearing, idc, do not be inconvenient. that was it, thanks for reading!!1

                                      ✿ ~♪♡◍✧。✿ ๑.。♡✿ ~♪♡◍✧。✿ ๑.。♡✿

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