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Had to put my dog down yesterday

Category: Pets and Animals

She'd been sick for a few weeks. I'd gone to two different vets outside my normal one. All three assured me she was ok. Go into a fourth yesterday, they do blood work (which had already been done and nothing suspicious came up) and x-rays and find she's just so full of cancer. She was only 6. Best dog I've ever met, genuinely. Not a mean bone in her stupid body, and such a goofy thing. Now I have ... » Continue Reading

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Selling art :D

Category: Art and Photography

So I've been selling art locally, and I've gotten to a point where I've made myself a website and such. Real excited! Check it out if you want (herdrejectarts.com) I'll also be doing some popups, which is always fun! So happy that this is all happening. It's been so fast, but I'm hoping I can make this into a job. This is what I've been wanting to do my whole life, and it's finally looking vaguely... » Continue Reading

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Lol dead finger

Category: Life

So I cut my finger to the bone about 1.5 years ago. Nerve damage, no feeling in the last cm of my finger. Well, apparently I cut my finger again? But didn't notice? It's scabbed over now, but it's a decent cut. No feeling at all. Totally wild how bodies work.  » Continue Reading

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Work suck

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

Got promoted. They promise me $20/hr. Come to find out they're paying me $18/hr. They didn't write down anything we'd talked about. I never got the $20 thing in writing. I can't quit because I don't know where else to go for this same pay rate. I'm kinda livid. So now I'm here working 14 hour days for $2 an hour less than promised. Yay!  » Continue Reading

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