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Category: SpaceHey

JUST A HEADS UP MY MESSAGES DO NOT WORK !!!!!!! » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

bro this kid right? NOONE likes him. hes just a snot weasel who follows you around and he knows I don't llike him and so hes tried shoulder checking me 3 times today on purpose and hes tryna push me while IM ON THE STAIRS !!! me and my friends have reported him about 20 times and the school had done NOTHING. its so ridiculous, i have a massive headache because of this stupid ass dude » Continue Reading

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music taste rant

Category: Life

fav artist: jack stauber fav band: deftones okay so starting with my main music i listen to (rock/emo), i grew up on this shit and i listen to it all of the time. I grew up with deftones, rob zombie, metallica, disturbed, tpusa, nirvana, ozzy osbourn, dio, korn, soad, alice in chains, red hot chilli peppers, slipknot, mcr, pierce the veil, falling in reverse, flyleaf, paramore, the offspring, incu... » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

ITS KURT COBAINS BIRTHDAY WOOOO i love his music sososo much, he was so cool !!!!!1 he would be i believe 55 today. I love him vv much :] » Continue Reading

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valentines survey

Category: Life

2. Do You Believe Love Changes People? si 3. Would You Rather Receive 100 Roses O » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

dude all of yall are so cool iewcnojenco » Continue Reading

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