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What I'm about

Category: Blogging

I grew up with angsty music like nirvana and the like. I really liked how it shattered the mainstream illusion of bullshit, it was anti traditional. Rock music was doing something pretty cool. I feel like that ended around the year 2000 when all the emo crap came out (This will get me hate here I'm sure). Instead of weaving cryptic lyrics into a puzzle you put together yourself, you got a bunch of... » Continue Reading

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The case against likes

Category: Blogging

Let's talk about signal to noise in modern social media. With the advent of "likes", it offered a low effort reach into your dopamine system. Like a drug, it leaves you craving more but offers little return in the form of serotonin aka. Happiness.  Utilizing a platform without likes greatly helps regulate your relationship to the platform and humanizes the interaction 10 fold. A like is only a sin... » Continue Reading

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Social Media has become an Attention Whore.

Category: Blogging

After dabbling around on this new "spacehey" platform, a few things come up: I noticed I've been getting no email notifications about events on here. Nothing demanding my attention but my own damn curiosity. Nothing I put here will be seen unless someone else was curious enough to check in on me. I'm not shoving shit into your feed with my ramblings. The whole experience is not crafted to steal yo... » Continue Reading

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