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I grew up with angsty music like nirvana and the like. I really liked how it shattered the mainstream illusion of bullshit, it was anti traditional. Rock music was doing something pretty cool. I feel like that ended around the year 2000 when all the emo crap came out (This will get me hate here I'm sure). Instead of weaving cryptic lyrics into a puzzle you put together yourself, you got a bunch of wack lyrics seemingly designed to make life feel hopeless. The testosterone was ripped right out of the kick drum and rhythm guitar. 

Hip hop saved me at this point. GTA III had some great tracks on the "Radio" and searching them on file sharing platforms sent me down a rabbit hole. Underground hip hop from that era is fucking cool because the DJ / Turntables expose you to music you could not find in a lifetime of searching. Groups like J5, Cut Chemists, Rhyme Sayers, Pep Love, Self scientific and Immortal Technique Ripped a new hole in my reality and gave me a whole new passion for music.

It was around this time I started my own business (quit my job, I was making more money on eBay selling cash register systems I'd make from parts from local recyclers). I was lucky enough to have a few mentors early on that pushed me forward. It was my dream and today it still persists in ways that would have seemed unreal to my younger self.

Anyways I've not been on here in a long time and appreciate the website this rainy afternoon.

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