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Social Media has become an Attention Whore.

After dabbling around on this new "spacehey" platform, a few things come up:

I noticed I've been getting no email notifications about events on here.

Nothing demanding my attention but my own damn curiosity.

Nothing I put here will be seen unless someone else was curious enough to check in on me.

I'm not shoving shit into your feed with my ramblings.

The whole experience is not crafted to steal your time and attention. It's discovery via free will.

Do your part and onboard someone you know to this reboot of personal space on the web! We need the network effect to kick in!

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Yep, just like MySpace was - due to the techn(olog)ical context of the time -, this is slow social reborn. I wrote a post about it, if you are interested.

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~Yaya Cat~

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^ True, it is nice that I know no one in person on here but a site will die without users to power it.

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Eh, I kinda don't want the network effect to kick in. I like that nobody I know is around here.

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