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DNI(+) List

Category: News and Politics

DNI Proshippers/Comshippers/Anti-Antis, whatever you wanna call a degen Basic DNI * Ranfren fans, Alfred's Playhouse fans, BlueyCapsules fans, DSMP fans, Orion Experience fans, MSI fans * People that glorify murderers, disasters, shooters, etc (THIS INCLUDES ZERO DAY FANS) Endogenic "systems" or other -genic » Continue Reading

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Category: Romance and Relationships

Hey guys so like maybe don't try to friend me if you guys like anything "Yandere" related, romanticizing/sexualizing BPD (We have it!) is disgusting, its an agonizing disorder to live with, your not quirky or funny » Continue Reading

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Profile help

Category: SpaceHey

Could someone help me? We're new to spacehey and I'm curious is there any way you can see your profile if you edit it before you actually save it?  I also gots a buncha other questions about spacehye ngl » Continue Reading

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bullying idk

Category: Life

Dude school's are ao fucking lazy about bullying like I'm constantly bullied every day and its so fucking annoying like just leave me alone dude » Continue Reading

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Category: News and Politics

yall im so gay its insand helpem e » Continue Reading

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