Hey guys so like maybe don't try to friend me if you guys like anything "Yandere" related, romanticizing/sexualizing BPD (We have it!) is disgusting, its an agonizing disorder to live with, your not quirky or funny <3333

I should make a DNI list one of these days when I got the time

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Emi X3

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100% AGREE!! The whole romantizing yanderes is so weird. No you're not a yandere. AND no you dont want a yandere to like you.

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LITERALLLYYYYYY, as a person with BPD it's agonizing to have it and for someone to be the FP of someone with bpd, I feel so bad always asking for reasurance like BRO U DO NOTTTT WANT TO BE SOMEONES FP LMAO.. people that like "Yandere" stuff are actual freaks its sad

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