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IRL relationships

Category: Romance and Relationships

I genuinely believe dating my most recent ex ruined me. He's the only person I actually dated in real life, and I think it fucked things up for me forever. I don't think I can ever go back to online dating after it. I mean, you can't blame me; how am I supposed to feel the things he made me feel with another person online. I just wanna feel loved and all that jazz. I liked the physical aspect of i... » Continue Reading

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pup discography + ratings

Category: Music

PUP Guilt Trip (6/10) Reservoir (8/10) Mabu (9/10) Never Try (7/10) Yukon (10/10) Dark Days (7/10) Lionheart (9/10) Cul-De-Sac (6/10) Back Against the Wall (9/10) Factories (10/10) The Dream Is Over If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will (8/10) DVP (10/10) Doubts (9/10) Sleep In The Heat (6/10) The Coast (7/10) Old Wounds (10/10) My Life Is Over and I Couldn't Be Happier (8/10) Can't Win (4/10) Fam... » Continue Reading

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papa's games in order (ranked)

Category: Games

Papa's Pizzeria  (1/10) Frustrating to get the slices correct. (-) Repetitive. (-) Papa's Burgeria  (4/10) Repetitive. (-) Picky ass customers. (-) Cum burgers(+)  Papa's Taco Mia  (9/10) The cooking mechanic is annoying. (-) Overwhelming at times. (-) Too easy to spill Taco innards. (-) New mechanics. (+) A wide variety of tacos to make. (+) Fun. (+) Papa's Freezeria  (9/10) Too easy to mess up f... » Continue Reading

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oingo boingo discography in order & rated

Category: Music

Ain't This The Life (8/10) I'm So Bad (9/10) Violent Love (10/10) ONLY A LAD Little Girls (6/10) Perfect System (10/10) On The Outside (8/10) Capitalism (10/10) You Really Got Me (10/10) Only A Lad (8/10) What You See (10/10) Controller (8/10) Imposter (9/10) Nasty Habits (8/10) NOTHING TO FEAR Grey Matter (8/10) Insects (10/10) Private Life (8/10) Wild Sex (In The Working Class) (8/10) Running On... » Continue Reading

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