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oh boy!

Category: Life

First last week we lose power for like three days Then thanks to a drunk driver we lose power for a day and WiFi for three days(just got it back an hour ago) We're all safe and unharmed thankfully but sheesh » Continue Reading

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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

gotta think of a halloween costume.. . maybe harley quinn? » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

My sister used the term "blackwashing" unironically ugh  it's also super ironic because she's usually such a neolib too » Continue Reading

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Hot take

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

The Collector from the Owl House is an obnoxious brat and the fact that there are people in the fandom who want Eda to ADOPT the stinky motherfucker pisses me off  The Collector doesn't deserve Eda Clawthorne as a mother figure, she's far too good for him » Continue Reading

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Had a realization. . .

Category: Blogging

Gil x Lagoona is like Harley x Joker in that both ships are toxic AF and the men in said ships are pure trash/the reason for the toxicity in said ships.  » Continue Reading

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