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Keyword spam blog - ignore

Category: Music

It seems that you can only search on keywords for a person's username or the contents of a blog. The actual fields on your profile cannot be searched on so are only seen when a person clicks on your profile. I think you used to be able to search for everyone on myspace. Perhaps this doesn't bother some people but it seems like a waste of the search function. So I decided to copy and paste the cont... » Continue Reading

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Facehey vs Spacebook

Category: Blogging

After having used spaceway for a while, I noticed how things differ between it and facebonk. It has also reminded me of a few things that irked me about myspace. On FB ppl tend to add you on the basis of your posts, and you are easily able to share different types of content, whereas over here you are limited by bulletins and ppl tend to judge more on what the info is on your profile. On FB no one... » Continue Reading

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Religion & Madness - Part 2

Category: Blogging

Delusional Disorder    I developed an interest in holistic health and started using a pendulum in 2012. Narcissism, OCD and gullibility encouraged me to believe whatever information I 'found' using the pendulum, and reinforcing it, whereupon my whole reality spiralled out of control and went psychotic for 3 months. The delusional disorder took on conspiratorial, religious and esoteric themes, and ... » Continue Reading

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Religion & Madness - Part 1

Category: Blogging

Introduction    From my mid teens onwards, I was into anarchism and hardcore punk, which morphed into cannabis smoking, psychedelics, the jungle and festival scenes, and superficially, the occult. I thought the occult was cool when I was in my mid teens. In the late 80s and early 90s, a few of my friends were Chaos Magicians, including the author Nicholas Hall. They were by far the most exciting o... » Continue Reading

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