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Facehey vs Spacebook

After having used spaceway for a while, I noticed how things differ between it and facebonk. It has also reminded me of a few things that irked me about myspace.

On FB ppl tend to add you on the basis of your posts, and you are easily able to share different types of content, whereas over here you are limited by bulletins and ppl tend to judge more on what the info is on your profile. On FB no one ever reads a person's profile info unless they are confusing you or you are a first time visitor and all their content is hidden. FB makes it easier to share content, better for newbs. SH obviously lets you customise your prof to a large degree, which was always one of the attractions about Myspace, whereas FB doesn't let you do a damned thing except change your background at the top of the screen, which is pitiful in comparison. Those who haven't figured out how to customise their profiles on SH and MS probably find this comforting as it levels the playing field and makes it easier for newbs. I once asked a few ppl on myface how they did these cool customisations and they never replied lol, either too lazy or they didn't want any competition haha.

With bulletins on SH, you can't see what the content is until you click on it, and then it's too late haha. The bulletin titles tend to be non-descriptive much of the time, and the titles often sexed up and clickbaitish and too often we look at bulletins to feel disappointed it wasn't something else. At least on SH there is not quite the motivation to post purely shared videos or pictures from other pages or people and people tend to be a bit more sociable in the comments.

Thanks for the add comments in facebook groups are really ridiculous attention seeking but I haven't seen any of that here. You get more 'thanks for add' comments on ppl's profs which although lame and often cheesy (and occasionally creepy) does seem to result in more interaction than it does on FB and SH seems more sociable overall in terms of interaction on bulletins etc. whereas on FB ppl don't tend to give you the time of day if they don't know you.

You can't snooze people over here like you can in FB so if you are fren u see all their bulletins and the only options are to unfren or suck it up.

On FB ppl tend to use their profiles for only IRL contacts or to only really befriend ppl in groups they've interacted with, except for the famous 'I have 5000 fren' fren collectors. On here ppl are more likely to accept random friend requests. FB has fluctuated on this issue but they have at points tried to discourage ppl randomly adding others and insisting that they are ppl you 'may know'. Over here and on MS ppl there was no such discouragement.

There was never any Zucc top heavy management on MS and over here and no need to produce ID to prove you are a real person lol. SH is great in that you don't see sponsored content in your feed like you do on FB (where the comments attract lots of verbal abuse and shitposters lol). FB is excessively moderated with auto-Zuccing but here there is nearly no moderation which is both good and bad.

Also there seems to be no annoying algo deciding what bulletins you see but it is done on a FIFO basis here, whereas FB is forever making you miss posts by certain people or heavily weighting content from certain pagesĀ  or gronps that just piss you off after a while.

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