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How to hide the "Cool new people" section tutorial

Category: SpaceHey

1 Get  Ublock Adblocker 2 insert this code into the settings - spacehey.com##.cool.new-people Stay Safe and please stop posting about the new accounts Original Blog tutorial [reposted just to pin it on my profile] » Continue Reading

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My Art

Category: Art and Photography

Twitter  -  Newgrounds - Cant change the Newgrounds name :-( 2023 stuff idk when was this made actually Not going to properly orginize this Need to fix the blog layout » Continue Reading

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very awesome gifs [W.I.P]

Category: Blogging

_ Epic wizards _ _ Emoticons/Smileys/Smiley Faces _ _ Fish _ More coming later The Blogs themselves have sections in them, so try to scroll down a bit to see them. Sadly cant add much credit for the creators, but if anybody made any of the gifs mentioned I will gadly give credit. Not sure what category of blogs to put this in so "Blogging" will do. If theres a problem with ImgBB it will be joever » Continue Reading

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stamp collection part 2

Category: SpaceHey

Part 1 none of them are made by me. » Continue Reading

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Good Music

Category: Music

need to fix up the layout BISHOPSUPERTRAPSTAR » Continue Reading

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stamp collection

Category: SpaceHey

Check out the "Graphics" section on my profile for more stamps. Part 2 . Semi-standard stamp size: width="97" height="57" None of these are made by me. Some credits  This deviantart stamp does not exist ,  Stampkin . » Continue Reading

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