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Today’s fit + Japanese store haul

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

here’s the outfit, pretty simple but i thought it was cool :D it got covered up by my jacket tho since it was cold today >o < i also went to this japanese toy store and got these!!! the snivy has a chip in his base that has info about him on it :) And i found japanese Animal Crossing cards!!! Haven’t seen them in a store for a long time so i got a pack of series 1 :) Unfortunately none i was looki... » Continue Reading

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Got new shoes :D

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

they’re adidas and i love them. they’re so Future…… ignore my fucking christmas socks i was running out of socks LMAO  » Continue Reading

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music survey

Category: Quiz/Survey

1. What are you listening to right now, if anything? demo of my own song trying to figure out what to do with it 2. What’s the last song you listened to completely? the same thing LOL 3. What is your favourite song? Top 3 not 1 lol the place where he inserted the blade - black country, new road ballad of the costa concordia - car seat headrest nihonium - my friend anna (it hasn’t been released yet... » Continue Reading

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random stuff

Category: Blogging

worked on recording a demo of a song for a while today and then when i went to record the guitar part for some reason my amp forgot all of my distortion presets??? T^T i just wanted to reccoorddd aw well. when i finish the song i’ll put a link to it somewhere. its very cybercore :3 » Continue Reading

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Screenprinted Button-up

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

button-up i screenprinted on to be themed after Vot, my absolute favourite small musician. she makes super cool sci-fi futuristic music and i loooove it i adore her sm i highly recommend :3 » Continue Reading

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concerts and shows i’ve been to

Category: Music

this is my list of shows i’ve been to while being a sentient being. i’ve also seen weird al and the barenaked ladies but that was before i was capable of complex thought Dodie - october 2019 Car Seat Headrest - may 2022 BLIMP/Jisei/Transistor Riot - may 2022 Pale North/Transistor Riot/Jisei/Cleaver - july 2022 Pale North/Go Home Hazel/Kids Don’t Float - january 2023 » Continue Reading

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