Screenprinted Button-up

button-up i screenprinted on to be themed after Vot, my absolute favourite small musician. she makes super cool sci-fi futuristic music and i loooove it i adore her sm i highly recommend :3

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how do u do that wtf

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thank u!!!! Ok the process is a little complicated but I can explain quickly— my mom has this thing called a Cricut which cuts out shapes based on what you put into it it’s p cool. I put out of vinyl the design i want to make a stencil, then I stick it on the back of a screenprinting screen. (my screen is kind of falling apart lol *o*) then you scoop some of the screenprinting ink above the design, then use this thing that’s like a squeegee to drag the ink over it, pressing it in pretty hard so it sticks. so then when you remove the screen it’ll have the design printed in the ink :) it’s kind of stressful bc I’m constantly worrying about making mistakes but the end result is SO rewarding!! lol this comment is so long

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tyyy ill try to do that some time too... just need to buy all the stuff ahhh

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have fun !!! yeah getting all the stuff can be a little annoying but it’s quite fun once u get started!

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awooga awooga

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