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reading books is REAL.......?

Category: Blogging

Idk why but i just assumed nobody actually read books other than maybe the ones assigned to them and comics. im seeing so many ppl actually having books listed in the book section on their page..... like how do u just sit down and read a book. especially one w NO PICTURES? i didnt know that was possible » Continue Reading

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Category: Art and Photography

I just realized i could use this to post art so i will post some of my arts. If u like it i have commissions open btw :^3 » Continue Reading

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anybody want help customizing their layout >v>

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I am currently coding CRAZY!!!! im not great at it by any means but if u think my page is swag and would maybe like some help HMU and i will do my best :^333 » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

If you wanna do this yourself heres the original blank--> orig :^3 i got flashbacks to when i used to use DA i just had to do this lol ✢What's your name? i go by duffle online » Continue Reading

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I want to move out so bad!!!

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Im currently saving up with two of my friends, we all plan an getting a place together in a year give or take once weve got enough money to.... but living here is driving me NUTS! Not just this house but this area in general.... nothing to do, everythings ugly, the people are lame, just a whole bunch of suck. Finally moving somewhere nice and living somewhere nice with people who dont » Continue Reading

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