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a compilation of my shitty 2008 pivot animations

Category: Art and Photography

actually, i lied. one of these is a joke animation i made in 2018. can you guess which one it is!!?!?!? » Continue Reading

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Category: Art and Photography

haven't been here in a while so i might as well go and post something BIG to make up for my inactivity ART!!! most of these are from my twitter lol :3 homosexuals dog!! on a log!!! i drew myself and my headmate doing the wojak pointing meme i am so sorry vent art this is also vent art wow this is from before i became a furry lmao my stardew valley character (who is a boy (don't ask me why ok shut ... » Continue Reading

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spacehey has a really big exclusionist problem

Category: SpaceHey

there, i said it i don't feel like being active on a site where half the userbase is gonna violently harass me because they're too lazy to learn some actual queer history and unpack the TERF bullshit they've been taught i honestly hardly add anyone who friends me because most people who add me are these dumbass kids who give me the sorta vibes that they're an edgy 14 year old who thinks being a me... » Continue Reading

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