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neocities page

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Just published my neocities page , would love for you guys to check it out, maybe give it a rating from 1-10. Bonus points if you find the hidden Easter Egg! 👀 » Continue Reading

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Old david.qa site is now create.david.qa

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Because I have basically put the original david.qa project on hiatus, I have moved it to create.david.qa so it's still accessible but I've repurposed the root domain for other things. Just a heads up. » Continue Reading

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The Case for a Better Web (A Manifesto)

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Don't feel like reading? That's OK, there's an audio transcript available at the top of the page here . In the 21st century, the Internet stands as a testament to the fruit of human innovation, potential, and collaboration. But somewhere along the way, it has lost its true essence, replaced by a monotonous hum of superficiality, addiction, and vanity. At some point, divisiveness, hostility, and se... » Continue Reading

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"Casual" vs. "Competitive" Audience Preferences in Fighting Games

Category: Games

Although this is an admittedly niche topic, I'd like to discuss some of the misconceptions about the casual and competitive fighting game crowd. There's a simplistic, binary way of thinking that goes something like this: "Competitive players prefer to play the same character (with no RNG) on just 1 stage with no platforms that doesn't move, because the more boring it is, the more competitively sat... » Continue Reading

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Is catering to both the new web and the old web futile?

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

The other night I had a ponder. Is it possible to participate in both the old web revival while also maintaining a current presence on the modern web? Well it's obviously physically possible, but are you somehow betraying the edicts of the yesterweb powers that be? Many retreat to the old web not just for nostalgia and self-expression, but to escape from the status quo. What can be said, then, for... » Continue Reading

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Bullcr*p Marketing Doesn't Work Anymore

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Shady practices lose, authenticity wins. Marketing is getting attention from the right eyeballs at the right time . No need to overcomplicate the concept itself; it's surprisingly simple. Throughout the years, marketing has gained a negative connotation. For some, marketing is manipulative, materialistic, or misleading. However, while that description may fit some marketing practices done in the p... » Continue Reading

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