Is catering to both the new web and the old web futile?

The other night I had a ponder.

Is it possible to participate in both the old web revival while also maintaining a current presence on the modern web?

Well it's obviously physically possible, but are you somehow betraying the edicts of the yesterweb powers that be? Many retreat to the old web not just for nostalgia and self-expression, but to escape from the status quo.

What can be said, then, for someone who enjoys both like me? Am I creating this website for an audience of one?

On one hand, it seems silly to try and pretend the current state of the web doesn't exist, as we're benefiting from certain modernizations like a more secure protocol for browsing, HTML5 and CSS3 standards, and even pretty fancy JS in some cases.

On the other, I can see why incoporating too much of the modern web would defeat the purpose of enjoying something that's intended to feel like another era.

In an ideal scenario, I'd participate in both "worlds" fully as myself and share resources to both the old-web craving audience and the current-day average users (who may be completely unaware of the old web revival in the first place).

Especially for those who never experienced it, I see as a gateway drug to enjoy a simpler, more personalized online experience. And I would love for anyone to experience it.

It's staggering just how many amazing tools are made and put out for free - not only to keep the old web going, but also more modern tools that would satisfy the needs of your current-day webmaster.

I'm going to keep working on this project as I have time and am able, and hopefully by doing so I'm not alienating either audience. I know I won't please everyone, but I'd like for this to be a useful resource people trust.

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Good luck with that! I'll be rooting for you from the empty 'old web's bleacher section.

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Thank you muchly!

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