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why YOU should read shoulder a coffin kuro

Category: Books and Stories

hello im not gonna put a lot of effort into this i just want to mention this manga somewhere shoulder a coffin kuro is my favourite manga and it has NO fandom so i need people to read it because it is SO good and i need everyone to know SO what's it about? Shoulder a Coffin Kuro is a yonkoma manga created by Satoko Kiyuduki which follows the journey of a traveller who calls herself Kuro, carrying ... » Continue Reading

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Old LPS Popular Fanart

Category: Art and Photography

I just wanna share this funny fanart from when I was like, 7. I never even watched LPS Popular but I drew these things for it lmao For a little context of the writing on the second one, LPSlover was my imaginary youtube channel name because I wanted to be an LPStuber. Imagine my shock when I found out someone was already called LPSlover... Anyways, I'm not sure what it means by "LPSlover's Dream",... » Continue Reading

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Category: Art and Photography

i made dis for colour palet i like dates hand *w* » Continue Reading

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aitsf/ni character names in toki pona :3

Category: Games

hey toki pona speaking aitsf fans (audience: zero) i just wanna share the toki pona names I've come up with for characters enjoy hover over boxes to see spoilery names Date - jan Tate OR jan Kaname (i cant rlly decide if i like Tate or not) Aiba - ilo Apa Iris - jan Alisu OR jan Ilisu (second is ported from her Japanese name but looks/sounds a bit awkward?) Hitomi - jan Itomi (boring) Mizuki - jan... » Continue Reading

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