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why YOU should read shoulder a coffin kuro

hello im not gonna put a lot of effort into this i just want to mention this manga somewhere

shoulder a coffin kuro is my favourite manga and it has NO fandom so i need people to read it because it is SO good and i need everyone to know

SO what's it about?

Shoulder a Coffin Kuro is a yonkoma manga created by Satoko Kiyuduki which follows the journey of a traveller who calls herself Kuro, carrying around a coffin on her back as she travels with her bat companion Sen. the manga has a sort of episodic format where every chapter follows them going to a different place and meeting different characters, but there is an overarching plot where Kuro is trying to find a mysterious witch who cursed her

the art of the manga is really gorgeous, the worldbuilding is amazing, AND THERE IS FOUND FAMILY!!!!!!!!! IT'S SO GOOD. also there are these little cutiepies, it's worth reading for them alone:

the manga has 7 volumes along with an extra volume of bonus chapters taking place throughout different parts of the story

but before you do read i'd like to list the possible content warnings i can think of:

- suicide ideation (though it is portrayed in a sort of abstract way)
- slight body horror
- slight self harm (in a Not Taking Care of Self way)
- dead animal at one point. shown a little with blood (not coloured) there is only 1 instance of something like this in the manga
- human experimentation

i think that's it.. probably. i'm doing it from memory so pardon me

but yeah! please consider reading this manga it is such a wonderful experience and i doubt you will regret it!! 

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