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Let's make this clear.

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My name's Dahvie. Yea, I stole it from Dahvie Vanity, sue me. I'm a huge fan of BOTDF. But, I'm not a fan of the things he did and my existence doesn't say the allegations are false. There are so many to where it has to be true. He's a kid diddler.   Not finna talk about Jessi Slaughter or Damien cuz I don't like them. At all. Don't like it? Come check me. Or y'know, go cry about it somewhere. » Continue Reading

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Dahvie once said.

Category: Blogging

"You can talk your shit, you're only making me famous!" When ya'll run ya'll mouths, it boosts me in certain ways because it's over stupid shit. Ya'll whine over stuff shit like a name. » Continue Reading

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Life's too short

Category: Blogging

Get that tattoo or that piercing. Dye your hair, come out to your parents. Even confess to your crush and do what you want because the world is ending lolz. Love yourself and make da most of ittt » Continue Reading

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