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Dahvie once said.

"You can talk your shit, you're only making me famous!"

When ya'll run ya'll mouths, it boosts me in certain ways because it's over stupid shit. Ya'll whine over stuff shit like a name.

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jezebelian fart princess ☆

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FACTS!!! luv this blog 🖤🖤

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valvall (inactive)

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imagine quoting dahvie vanity in 2022

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lol shut tf up nigga

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owie bro

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I would like to tha- apologise
To my family and friends
For what’s about to drop
Let’s do this
My fnaf rap
Yo yo yo
Listen up to my new rap
I just got a Freddy hat (uh-huh)
Hot girls singing
Oh yeah it’s Freddy’s pizza, ah
When he gets a pizza
And a big piece of ass
Awesome music plays, yuh
My name is rap a few thousand
I tell you a story
Of Freddy’s Pizzeria
With a Freddy Gold
And a Hot Foxy
Fucking Chika all day long
With a huge dong
And then the security guard
Named John Don
Puts his dong in Bonnie (yeah)
Girl takes off her shirt and sings
Ah, yeah it’s Freddy Fazbears pizza
When a he gets a pizza
And a big piece of ass (what?)
Me so strong
Mm, yeah
It’s Freddy’s Fazbear’s pizza
With huge dings and dongs and bongs and thongs
With scary, sexy animatrons
Yeah, yeah, yeah (my Fnaf rap)
Yo yo yo
Listen up or shut the fuck up
Before you go pop pop pop
If you dissin’ freddy you better be ready (hold up)
To get some
Iddy biddy widdy
Of eighty seven
Nothin’ you can do
All the hope is gone
Exit it to your right
Next stop
You can look at the camera all you like
But you’re never gonna see me coming
I’m too good
Too fast
Too strong
You gonna fall flat like pizza

#FNAF #Rap

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