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Let's make this clear.

My name's Dahvie. Yea, I stole it from Dahvie Vanity, sue me. I'm a huge fan of BOTDF. But, I'm not a fan of the things he did and my existence doesn't say the allegations are false. There are so many to where it has to be true. He's a kid diddler. 

 Not finna talk about Jessi Slaughter or Damien cuz I don't like them. At all. Don't like it? Come check me. Or y'know, go cry about it somewhere.

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✘Scream Queen✘

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Go cry about it somewhere else? You don’t know the full story because he was in an abusive household and tried to tell people what happened to him and was bullied on the internet.

He was 11

11 year old kids don’t know where else to go

That is such a cold response to a child reaching out for help. That’s one reason why victims to come forward as often, ESPECIALLY kids, that kind of response.

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Nigga I don't give a DAMN in this situation. Fuck jesse and damien. They ruined they own life. If you were talking about another victim, I'd understand and show sympathy or whatever. Not with that fucker tho. Suck my dick lil nigga

by Dahvie Insanity; ; Report

The child he molested and possibly r*ped was 11. He was 11 goddamn years old. Wdym??? The only predator here is the goddamn adult who took advantage of a child and then put his name in a song to mock him for nobody believing him

by ✘Scream Queen✘; ; Report

I don't..really care what happened to them since it's not my business to care. I'm just here for sum of his music dawg

by Dahvie Insanity; ; Report


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what did damian ever do to you

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I just never liked them

by Dahvie Insanity; ; Report

☆ XEN ☆

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id say the name is a bit pushing on a bad side but ig its fine as long as ur not just like him or like what he did..

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Understandable. I actually have other names incase people were uncomfortable with calling me that. I even shortened it :D

by Dahvie Insanity; ; Report

oh okay !!

by ☆ XEN ☆; ; Report


xXxValentinexXxVenomxXx's profile picture

I understand liking the music (I like some botdf songs myself) but why name yourself after a child molestor?

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Needed a name, liked his, and stole it. Swag

by Dahvie Insanity; ; Report


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u sound like a tcc member

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a what

by Dahvie Insanity; ; Report

Basically someone who hates victims of crimes. Hope you feel great for supporting a literal child rapist. :)

by cherryredheart310; ; Report

I don't hate them because their a victim. Their just a bad fucking person in my eyes and I'm not. Your missing the point of this whole blog.

by Dahvie Insanity; ; Report