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i love spamming people with friend requests

Category: SpaceHey

spacehey is fun but kinda empty. the most fun i have here is just spamming a bunch of friend requests to whoever i think looks cool. i don't really use it as a "hey lets talk", more just "you look cool enough to see if you'll add me back!" » Continue Reading

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ibook g4 fun infodump

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

got an ibook g4 a few weeks back from an ebay auction, spent roughly 50 on it, came in pretty great condition except for being kinda dirty (haven't had the time to really clean it) and apparently had a failing hard drive.... wish the seller said that, because the replacement process is ROUGH.... i have it set up with an msata 32gb drive now, kinda wish i sprung for the 64gb (maybe 3 dollars more?)... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

how exactly do you get ppl to see and respond to ur stuff? it doesnt seem like there's a lot of interaction on blogs... » Continue Reading

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