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ibook g4 fun infodump

got an ibook g4 a few weeks back from an ebay auction, spent roughly 50 on it, came in pretty great condition except for being kinda dirty (haven't had the time to really clean it) and apparently had a failing hard drive.... wish the seller said that, because the replacement process is ROUGH.... i have it set up with an msata 32gb drive now, kinda wish i sprung for the 64gb (maybe 3 dollars more?) but i don't really care, it's not like i'm running my life on this thing lol. so far the only fun i've really had with it is spacehey! that's why i've been bringing it out recently. it was horrifically sluggish to use, so i found some utilities to help clean up tiger; aquatrimcelerator & aquaweb (which i haven't actually used yet, too locked down for me.) the extra stuff that came with aquatrimcelerator (maybe only on the macintoshgarden download? idfk lol) was pretty useful, and the "guide to the web" i think it's called that came with aquaweb had some pretty useful tips! so now i use duckduckgo lite on this. i also got rid of all the addons i had on tenfourfox and installed tenfourfoxpep and umatrix, which seems to be helping web performance already. if y'all feel like commenting, anyone have suggestions on what software or games or websites i could go on with this computer? it's kinda dry... its not easy to be a computer that's almost old enough to vote

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Nice find!
Do you still have it? Have you improved the experience of Tiger?
Also I would love to see some screenshots of the OS :D

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that would be kind of difficult since the ibook g4 is almost 9 years old and cant really handle modern day web browsing also it has 256mb of sdram that can only be upgraded to 1.25gb

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btw fun tidbit i wrote this entire thing on my ibook which was pleasant! definitely super fitting :3

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