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Short Films are Hard

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I've started writing and storyboarding my short film There's Something In the Shed and I forgot why I never pursued doing short films in the first place. Keeping an idea down to a short is difficult for me because it doesn't take long before I'm asking questions of it that make me want to expand on it. I suppose that's the fun and the challenge of short films, trying to boil an idea down to its es... » Continue Reading

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Starting Over

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I chose a weird path for my life and career. Filmmaking is all I've wanted since I was a teenager. I went to film school right out of high school. I thought hitting the ground running was the way to go... I went to an Art Institute, specifically the one in Nashville. I met some great people there, and a couple of my teachers were great...but it wasn't the experience I had hoped for. At the age of ... » Continue Reading

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I missed this so much.

Category: Writing and Poetry

Back when Myspace was a thing, I used to blog all the time. I stopped when I switched to Facebook because while they had "notes" it never felt as personal, or fun. I don't know how often I'll post here, but I'll do it as often as the mood strikes me (which is fairly often these days). I really hope this site can catch on more because it's a perfect recreation of a perfectly imperfect thing. » Continue Reading

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