Short Films are Hard

I've started writing and storyboarding my short film There's Something In the Shed and I forgot why I never pursued doing short films in the first place. Keeping an idea down to a short is difficult for me because it doesn't take long before I'm asking questions of it that make me want to expand on it.

I suppose that's the fun and the challenge of short films, trying to boil an idea down to its essence.

My initial concept for the short was supposed to only be a minute long, but I think now I think it will have to be five minutes. That's all I'm willing to put into this one before I get carried away with it.

Aside from that, I'm in the middle of also doing concept art for my micro-budget feature Strange Visitors. I hope to enter the prop-making stage before the end of Summer. So much to do, but I'm happy to be doing anything now.

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