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my hair now ^_^

Category: Art and Photography

i HATE taking pics but i drew myself i look so good i am so happy wit my hair!!! took leik 6 hours but was SOOO worth it!!! i feel SO COOL >///// < » Continue Reading

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๛∙᷅῞ॄ∙᷄ hair dying!

Category: Life

YAAAASSSS IM DYING MY HAIR YET AGAIN! My hair was originally red, but my roots were all too grown out so here i am dying it completely different *cough cough* and to look like my fav kin *cough cough* ANYWAYS i drew up an example v the character inspo (nia from gurren lagann!!): ← お気に入り <3 i am SOO excited to complete it! i lifted the color already, hair is still pretty blonde (which is crazy caus... » Continue Reading

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ꜥꜤ૮( ˀ `𓄧´)੭

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

its the first snow of the winter over here on the east coast which is absolutely ridiculous, but at least the season is finally cold! It has been so rainy and mushy for months so a change of pace is nice ^_^ HOWEVER i cant drive now cause the roads are all icy n shit so i am stuck home watching 6teen and i decided to make this little page. woopty doo! it is all SO cold, my feet are freezing despit... » Continue Reading

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