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its the first snow of the winter over here on the east coast which is absolutely ridiculous, but at least the season is finally cold! It has been so rainy and mushy for months so a change of pace is nice ^_^ HOWEVER i cant drive now cause the roads are all icy n shit so i am stuck home watching 6teen and i decided to make this little page. woopty doo!

it is all SO cold, my feet are freezing despite the layers, and my dogs are piled on me. I feel like a human pillow. But at least 6teen is good, like holy shit i love it. its one of those early 2000s Canadian kids cartoons and yet its very?? idk it feels homely and familiar, and aged really well- like a 2000s time capsule. Not to mention the voice acting is very charming. Canadian cartoons are just a new breed of fav, despite me not being in Canada, i always found re uploads on youtube or even just reruns on CN. LIKE CYBERSIX DAMNNN lot of six titles but whatever. just ranting cause it just... idk it feels nice to be able to talk abt a show i sincerely believe no one has seen in forever. either way, im gonna sleep, i am so so so tired... bye!

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