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Locked in.

Category: Life

Nobody reads these and I kinda like it that way. I mean I'm posting it online so people can read what they want, but I'm a fan of the 'speaking to an empty theater' vibe. My family moved in august and I moved with them. I left my job, and I haven't for the life of me been able to find one in the city we moved to because apparently it's everyone's "slow season." And that makes sense to me, but I ca... » Continue Reading

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An Ideal Valentines Day

Category: Art and Photography

Tonight was the conclusion of AN ideal valentines day (I say "an" because in my mind there are many great ways to celebrate this V day, this is one of them). I made a cool little collage for my friend and roommate out of nothing but notecards. I thought "what if I got back into lettering but in a completely different way?" and I cut out some cool letters with my x-acto knife and put em together wi... » Continue Reading

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New phone! luv nokiaa

Category: Life

Hey guys! im posting this from my new Nokia 2760!!! this iz taking a long time to type out lol. its a rly cool phone 4 $20. v cool. idk how to post a pic of it lol XD but i could take it in a mirror or smth? idek. :/. im getting faster on the T9 keyboard! i rly love the look and i already ordered a holster for it so i can have it when i need.  excited :D ! » Continue Reading

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This One Will Be a Good One I Think

Category: Life

I think that this quarter is going to go much better than the last. Unfortunately, last quarter was when I had all the classes I was super excited about. Nevertheless, I'm glad that I got my meeting with the Disability Access Center though. They wouldnt respond to my emails and forms last quarter so I had no goddamn clue as to what I could possibly do to get the accomodations that I need. Finally ... » Continue Reading

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