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An Ideal Valentines Day

Tonight was the conclusion of AN ideal valentines day (I say "an" because in my mind there are many great ways to celebrate this V day, this is one of them). I made a cool little collage for my friend and roommate out of nothing but notecards. I thought "what if I got back into lettering but in a completely different way?" and I cut out some cool letters with my x-acto knife and put em together with some double sided tape. I promise I was not under the influence of a small amount of hallucinogenic drugs ;). 

It was really nice to get lost in something familiar again. something I've put so much time into that I'm able to put variation on it while maintaining the promise of a result I'm really proud of. lettering helped me get through a lot of communication issues like word interpretation and dysgraphia. I love not only the public nature of graffiti, but the expression that is visible by a good artist. The piece i did was heavily inspired by one of my favorite artists, Digital DOES. his multi media work really inspired me to think in multi media terms when it came to modern/urban art. I really admire his elaborate coloring style and the bold geometric shapes that will often stand out in his work among the aggressive gradients and blending. 

I like the writers who do one word, one tag, but put variations on it every time. amazing examples of this are Ces, and Stesi. Both vary in their work, but I think making art around a name is a very powerful experience. especially if it's your own.

I made myself dinner, red onion, potatoes, and carrots in the cast iron. served with white rice from the rice cooker. It was tasty, and I finally did the dishes right after this time. I wish I could've shared it with my girlfriend though. I miss her. Long distance is hard even with the end in sight. I'd love to have corn though. and an actual kitchen. the thing in the downstairs commons of the dorm doesn't exactly count. what am I saying, of course it does. I just miss home.

I'm setting up a Monero wallet. the Daemon is syncing on my other monitor as I type this. I don't know why I'm doing it, I'm not buying off the black market anytime soon. Its just for fun I guess. 

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