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This One Will Be a Good One I Think

I think that this quarter is going to go much better than the last. Unfortunately, last quarter was when I had all the classes I was super excited about. Nevertheless, I'm glad that I got my meeting with the Disability Access Center though. They wouldnt respond to my emails and forms last quarter so I had no goddamn clue as to what I could possibly do to get the accomodations that I need. Finally though, I got my meeting and that went super well. I learned about a really cool notetaking software called Obsidian, it's completely free at . I have been having so much fun with the linking and tagging features in the graph view.

I'm taking on more and more responsibility in the racing team! I am using my 4-5 years of 3D Printing experience to pretty good use by printing some parts for assembly jigs and fixing .stl meshes so they don't attempt to break physics. The team is really great, and I can see myself committing to this for the rest of my time here. I'm going to learn the waterjet soon, then I'll be able to cut all the metal. 

I'm trying to learn Python for my GIS class so I can h o p e f u l l y automate some sorting processes and stuff like that to save time for the gym, Poli Sci and the racing team. I need a new D&D campaign to sneak my way into. I miss that a lot, and I have a bunch of character ideas that i really want to put into play, or make iterations of to fit whatever world I need. I've been putting some effort into writing again. Sure, they're only small micro fictions or scenes but they're piling up and I need somewhere to put them like my poems are. Should I do something like mastodon, or should I post those here?

This was nice. Decompress before the big first full week. I mean, so much has happened in the past week that I didn't even talk about my winter break! Oh well. What can you do, write more? Hah! preposterous. 

- Carsten

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