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The Beginning

Category: Religion and Philosophy

So I have a blog over at WordPress. But I have friends here . So I thought I'd try shifting my blog to SpaceHey. BECAUSE ITS BETTER! This was the first entry, less than 2 months old now. The Beginning As with most people in the US of A, I was raised in a Christian household. Not my choice.Like so many of us in the US of A who were raised in a Christian household, it messed with my mind. More than ... » Continue Reading

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For a good 420 laugh

Category: Life

A new-found friend of mine on here posted a bulletin about "kids these days" underage smoking the Mary Jane, and it gave me a good laugh. I mean someone thirty years or so younger than me complaining about kids these days, right? So it made me think of those days back before, during Prohibition (and I'm truly sorry if you're still in a Dark Ages state) when none of us here in the Midwest had an ea... » Continue Reading

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Getting OLD

Category: Life

So I took a little break here. In case you didn't notice on my profile, I'm 53 years old and...yes, this is definitely the age where things start to break down. I'm not worried about it, not even close. I guess working so closely with my Ancestors has gotten me accustomed to the idea of both aging and death. It gives me a slight advantage as far as not freaking out about all of this. I mean, you'v... » Continue Reading

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For the psychically disabled

Category: Religion and Philosophy

My Daughter Panda was on our family discord server and mildly worried. Seems she wanted to get herself some graveyard dirt for the first time ever but... She was really worried about asking the Spirits permission. She feels she's not really got any "gifts" as far as any of the "clairs" go, and hasn't found a divination tool that she's comfortable with. Okay, she's in her 30s, but she's only just e... » Continue Reading

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