For the psychically disabled

My Daughter Panda was on our family discord server and mildly worried. Seems she wanted to get herself some graveyard dirt for the first time ever but...

She was really worried about asking the Spirits permission. She feels she's not really got any "gifts" as far as any of the "clairs" go, and hasn't found a divination tool that she's comfortable with. Okay, she's in her 30s, but she's only just embraced her inner witchiness in the last 2-3 years. Honestly, she's learned a LOT in a little time, but she thought this was an absolutely INSURMOUNTABLE problem.

Partially because, you know, WitchTok. All the witches just look so fucking witchy that someone without a lot of experience can feel, well, not up to par. Hell, I've felt that way with 30 plus years under my belt.

I took a minute, and realized that what she needed was a divination tool she could trust. That she'd have no doubts about. That her conscious, skeptical, picky-ass mind wouldn't try to counter. It didn't have to be complicated. All she needed, really, was a yes/no answer. I would have whipped out my pendulum, but it suddenly occurred to me...

"Flip a coin," I said.

They're portable, common to the point of raising no questions at all, and simple enough that anyone can use it.

So I thought I'd share this lightning strike that hit me, because it undoubtedly came from one of my Spirits, which means I really oughtn't to keep it to myself.

Hope it helps someone. :)

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