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I'm 15 years old :) I'm also emo/scene and I cry a lot

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Hair/Make-up in school bathrooms XD

Category: Blogging

Does any emo/scene kids out there do their hair or/and make up in the school bathroom??? XDD I get to school so god damn fucking early cuz my mom goes to work so early and she drops me off of school and sometimes i dont have time to do my make-up or hair at home before i leave, so I run to the school bathroom before school starts and do my stuff in there, it's lowkey funny but it's okk :3 I was go... » Continue Reading

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E-Kids are okay but...

Category: Blogging

Most of them are messing up the real definition of "emo" >:(. Some e kids out there call themselves "emo" when all they wear is a band tee/a normal black shirt, and have the 2 front hair pieces dyed, and get their whole personality from tiktok :P,  like???  My definition of "emo" is having swooped hair to the side or covering your eye, Tight skinny black jeans, heavyy eyeliner, listen to REAL emo ... » Continue Reading

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Making Kandi up late :P

Category: Blogging

I always stay up hella late at night to do the most random sh*t ever  😭. For example, right now I'm staying up to finish decorating my peep and making some kandi.  Also I'm not really used to writing these blog things so sorry if this is really bad. It's like 10pm and i have skool tmrr and i have to wake up early tmr to do my make up and hair cuz i wanna look pretty good tmr for no reason XDD.  » Continue Reading

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Made a emo peep :)

Category: Art and Photography

I finished dying my peep and made him emo XD. His name is Matcha and he is soo cute! I carry him around almost everywhere even at school :P. » Continue Reading

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