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Hair/Make-up in school bathrooms XD

Does any emo/scene kids out there do their hair or/and make up in the school bathroom??? XDD I get to school so god damn fucking early cuz my mom goes to work so early and she drops me off of school and sometimes i dont have time to do my make-up or hair at home before i leave, so I run to the school bathroom before school starts and do my stuff in there, it's lowkey funny but it's okk :3

I was going to add pics of me doing my hair in the school's restroom from my Instagram spam account, but spacehey isn't letting me post this blog with them in here for some reason >:(. It's soo annoying but oh well. next time!! :3

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Yezzz I do this sometimes when I am late for the bus and don't have time to do my makeup, so I just do it in the school bathrooms :p

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i do!! i usually don't have time 2 do it b4 i leave 4 school, so i do it in the bathrooms b4 class starts!

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i dont really look do heavy alt makeup because its against the dress code but i do my hair in the school :D

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i'll love to do heavy alt makeup, but I'm not sure how to do it that well, I still have to practice it

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yeh, i do sometimes. i forget to do it a lot at home, and if i don't forget, i dont finish in time so just do it in the school bathrooms before 1st period.

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