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E-Kids are okay but...

Most of them are messing up the real definition of "emo" >:(. Some e kids out there call themselves "emo" when all they wear is a band tee/a normal black shirt, and have the 2 front hair pieces dyed, and get their whole personality from tiktok :P,  like??? 

My definition of "emo" is having swooped hair to the side or covering your eye, Tight skinny black jeans, heavyy eyeliner, listen to REAL emo bands/artists etc. 0.o  

I'm tired of some random e kids always calling themselves "emo" for the attention all over their bios or posts for the trend just for them to make fun of actual real emo kids and call the real emos "weird". They wear a black hoodie and wear the tiniest eyeliner ever and call themselves "emo" and listen to Billie Eilish. Idk what y'all are, either e kids, mall goth, or WHATEVER but nun of ya'll are "emo", posers :P. It irritates me so muchh cuz they think its so "quirky" and be like "oMg im so EmO" like no, your just a wanna be edgy e kid. And most of them were people who used to bully the actual real emos and now all of a sudden they wanna be sooo different cuz its soo "quirky" and "trendy".

It's not all e kids, don't get me wrong, but its MOST of them, some of the aren't even e kids, some of them are just a bunch of wanna be edgy kids that wear a black hoodie and call themselves emo. It's ok to call yourself a e kid, or a normie. There's nothing wrong with that, just don't take a title of something without even knowing what it means.

I had to put this out there XD

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Its like the guys who dont understand what emo is.

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