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"Tilly and Wall shot a goal, Tally Hall saved it."

Dear god the bees!!!

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Really Really Tired

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

You guys ever get so emotionally tired that it feels utterly impossible to so much as do things you usually like doing? I've been feeling like that a lot recently. » Continue Reading

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Gunpla; A Thing I Decided to Get Into

Category: Art and Photography

Oh lord oh no! Another dumb hyperfixation of mine. I built a little robot. It's an entry grade Gunpla figure! I'm by no means experienced with this or anything, (I built one other one when I was little) but being given the raw pieces and ending up with a detailed, fully articulated figure of a little robot dude! It felt amazing, and I deeply want to build more of them. Running back to Target to ge... » Continue Reading

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Guess I'm Maintaining two Blogs?

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I also have a blog on my website! » Continue Reading

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