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nerds pls reply

Category: Life

HEY EVERYPONY.. so! I rlly love fun lil facts, i scrolled thru the 'blogs' page for hours cuz sum of u guys r so interesting plsplsplsplspls rant to me abt ur hyperfixations in the cmts or friend me and we can chat !!!!! i luuvluvluv learning new things !! P.S HISTORY IS SO KEWLL!!! HISTORY NERDS PLS HMU SO WE CAN DISCUSS TOPICS » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

Hi again everypony,, im tryna be more active so here's a lil blog entry!! i don't rlly know what 2 write bout so hmmmmm.................... ive started playing minecraft more recently!!!!1!!!! its so fun omllll and roblox!!!! i dot have have many people to play rblx w tho .. gotta get my bf 2 play it w me!1!!1!!1!!!!!! OH YES and my newest hyper fixation is sharks!!!!1!! i luuvvvv them so muuchhhh... » Continue Reading

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Category: Books and Stories

i love reading pls on webtoon (im a gay man) but i can't find any cute ones anymore plsplspsls recs or just cute webtoons or cool 1s  » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

Hello everypony!!! This is just a post to find other pony town players and if anyone could give me some inspo for new skins!! here r some ive already made: Ralsei Sally face Derpy hooves Socks Bluey Mimikyu TBH creature Gir Axolotl » Continue Reading

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