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"Pyramid" New tablet sketch (from bulletin)

Category: Art and Photography

Hi all! Here's a new tablet sketch i've put on my bulletin earlier. Thank you all for those super nice comments. » Continue Reading

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Why buy a Chibson when You can MAKE a Gibson? Part 2

Category: Music

Here's a second installment. Any questions related or unrelated are more than welcome! Today, lots of soldering & other annoying technical rubbish that needs to be done, in order to make something great! Parts used: -Aluminium tape -5ft / 150cm shield wire -3-way switch -four 500K pots -two .022 mfd capacitors -two pickups -jack When the body is finished, it's best to start with screening its insi... » Continue Reading

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Bulletins part 1 - First prismacolor pencil sketch & 2006 Me Survey

Category: Art and Photography

First prismacolor pencil sketch Got a little rusty with my no reference sketching, so i treated myself for a pack of prismacolors. Paper texture was a little too rough for the job, also scanning broke colours a little bit. It's a nod to 70's sci-fi book covers. Got any tips on scanning rough surfaces? Thanks » Continue Reading

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Why buy a Chibson when You can MAKE a Gibson? Part 1

Category: Music

Hi everybody! I wanted to write little something about my work in progress with a few tips, that maybe will encourage some of you to try to make your own guitar. I'm no Pro, and it's not as bad as it sounds. Only as easy as assembling a few pieces together, doesn't cost more than 200$ (some parts are used) and it's fully customizable. I do NOT sell anything! Just planting a seed of inspiration in ... » Continue Reading

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