Bulletins part 1 - First prismacolor pencil sketch & 2006 Me Survey

First prismacolor pencil sketch

Got a little rusty with my no reference sketching, so i treated myself for a pack of prismacolors. Paper texture was a little too rough for the job, also scanning broke colours a little bit. It's a nod to 70's sci-fi book covers. Got any tips on scanning rough surfaces? Thanks

2006 Me Survey

Thought i'd do one of these, here is Pete from 2006

2006 photo of me enjoying sitting on a sidewalk

name:  Peter
nickname:  Jesus, Jacket, Thursday
how old are you:  18
zodiac sign:  Scorpio
current location:  Edinburgh, Scotland (earning money for college)
eye color:  husky blue
hair color:  brown
hair type:  straight with a swirl
height:  5'11
your heritage:  mixed...  "Emoticon_smile" Icon
what's your middle name:  Bonaventura (chosen at "confirmation", catholic family, you know)
shoes you wore today:  dr.martens style boots
your weakness:  a good party, i never say no
your fear:  spiders, getting shot
have you ever ridden a mechanical bull:  yes (if that's a euphemism, then no)   
do you want to:  sure   
goal you would like to achieve this year:  start a new band
first thought when you wake up:  where are my cigs & coffee?
best physical feature:  skinny, no matter what i eat
who is your bestest friend:  Got a few, but also have some doubts "Emoticon_smile" Icon
when is your bedtime:  anytime around midnight
your most cherished memory:  2 days long afterparty, after 2nd one of my gigs & parts of summer 2004
pepsi or coke: coke
mc donalds or burgerking:  burger king   
single or group dates:  any date would be nice
what is the last song you sang:  Hmm... lets say Genesis - Dancing with the moonlit knight
Last movie you saw in theaters:  Lets say, The Departed
does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive:  Hell yeah!   
what is your biggest pet peeve:  overly aggresive types of people, haters
do you drink:  do you have anything on you? I'll be happy to join!
ever been drunk:  Regularly   
do you smoke:  Yes
do you "SMOKE":  do you have anything on you? I'll be happy to join!   
do you sing:  all the time
what color underwear do you have on:  black
do you want to go to college:  already in
have you ever been in love:  yes & no at the same time, i'll see when the dust settles in
do you want to get married:  yes
do you believe in yourself:  no
do you believe in others:  yes
do you like thunderstorms:  love them & the smell after
do you play an instrument:  yup, guitar
what do you want to be when you grow up:  Musician, filmmaker, artist & actor
what country would you like to visit:  somewhere on Pacific Coast, to see the whales
how many CD's do you own:  a lot!
how many DVD's do you own:  a lot!
how many tattoo's do you have:  would you put a bumper sticker on a lamborghini? Just joking, had one, poorly made, had it removed. I would get easily bored to look at same picture constantly
how many piercings do yo have: one, badly made, still healing
how many things in the past do you regret: long series of regrets & cringe

shoes:   Remember that salt guy from Home Alone? These kind of boots
radio station:   it's 2006, who listens to the radio?
drink:  German style lager / coffee
car:  DeLorean
place:  Sydney - Australia
song:  hard to say as i mostly listen to albums as whole, lets say UFO-Lights out
band:  Deep Purple / Rainbow
movie:  Escape from New York/LA / Toxic Avenger IV
The films i've seen for the most nr of times: Police Academy, Pulp Fiction & Beverly hills cop (had them on vhs on a loop)
color:  Black
meal:  Pasta bolognese

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