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Why buy a Chibson when You can MAKE a Gibson? Part 1

Hi everybody!

I wanted to write little something about my work in progress with a few tips, that maybe will encourage some of you to try to make your own guitar. I'm no Pro, and it's not as bad as it sounds. Only as easy as assembling a few pieces together, doesn't cost more than 200$ (some parts are used) and it's fully customizable.

I do NOT sell anything! Just planting a seed of inspiration in these dark times :) and share what i'm making. Also there is a tube/valve amplifier project in the making, so i will post a tutorial if there's any interest for this kind of content.

Why making, instead of buying?

Well, it's a custom. Made exactly how you want it. Also new guitar with these specs would cost you a fortune, and they dont make it like they used to (handwiring/lacquer etc.). All parts are easy to obtain. On top of it, homemade guitar brings a certain kind of mojo to the game. Before and after stain and lacquer

I bought that guitar body from aliexpress for about 30$, it was a little rough, but not terrible and it already had all the slots pre-cut. I have been making a guitar body by hand in the past, and it's not a easy task. Also pressing/gluing a veneer at home is literal hell. Pics of my first oak LP from 2006, feel the pixels :)

After initial sanding and cleaning i applied three coats each of Dark oak & "piss" yellow stain with light sanding inbetween the coats. This makes a 3d effect on the grain, and makes those tiger stripes pop-up. Let it dry off for a week and gently scraped off stain from binding with a knife. I have skipped the grainfiller part on this one, just because original 60's Les Paul's didn't have it, it will look more rustic that way and probably will have better acoustic resonance properties.

Now for the fun part, lacquer.

Nitrocellulose is used on all of high-end guitars & violins etc. and has this advantage over acrylic besides superior acoustic properties, that it's porous, breathable and never really settles. So with a bit of elbow grease you can make small repairs and bring it back to shine really easy, also it sparkles, looks classy AF :) . I used 2 cans of nitrocellulose which last me for about 10 light coats (more than enough). Just do it outside folks & wear a mask. Protip - heat up some water to 50C / 122F and stick your spray cans in it for 15mins. Lacquer will get less sticky and easier to apply. I waited for about 2hrs between each coat. I have waited for about two weeks for paint to settle and begun polishing. Any light auto scratch remover will do, i used t-cut many times before with good effects. Apply it, let it dry off to a haze, and polish like pierogies/your life depends on it. After a day i applied some car wax to bring out more of that shine, and the body part is done!

Thanks for reading or looking at the pictures :D.

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Heather Stacy

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This is really cool!

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Thank you! 3rd part coming out soon-ish :)

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