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feeling trappped

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

ermm so like i know i’ve already made a blog entry about this but i’m just like really worried about the future. i just want to play music that is it. if i were to blow up or something i wouldn’t want it you know? fame literally kills people and it’s scary..? like i don’t want to b broke but i don’t want everyone looking into my private life and looking into my childhood and shit it’s just gross. ... » Continue Reading

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a treasure of a movie

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

okkk so like has anyone seen that kids movie “zookeeper” i watched it and it was so freaking good. like why did the animals talk?? why did the main character want a girl who didn’t want him?? why is best friends with a gorilla??? why are the animals trying to wingman him??? why isn’t he going with the hottest girl ever who wants to date him?? ITS SO GOOD ITS FREAKING GOOD.. on netflix » Continue Reading

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starving artist?

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

is anyone afraid of the world? not in the way you’re just afraid of everything and everyone but in the way you don’t know what will happen next. Because i’m so scared of growing up and not being able to support myself. but then again i don’t want to be stuck with a shitty job waisting my one life away in the shitty world so i can have basic needs. i wish life wasn’t so fucking capitalistic, i was ... » Continue Reading

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